Hermes delivery service


      Hermes postal service

        All shipments of hermesbts are made through the Korea post office only. Hermes premium postal service includes tracking number. You can check your letter delivery status. Hermes postal service has no tracking number included. Approximately it takes 7 business days. 
        (approximately 7business days / including translation work)

        Shipping cost

        Hermes shipping cost

        Hermes is offering 2 different shipping methods for armys. One of which is "Hermes postal service". It is cheaper option, tracking number is not included. Post officer will safely deliver your letter to Bighit ent. post box. 

        (only post officers are allowed to approach post box of Bighit. Don't need to worry about losing letter, even it is cheaper.)

        The other option is "Hermes premium postal service", tracking number included. Your tracking number will be sent by email and you can check delivery status at Korean post office shipment tracking page. Here

        (in case of premium service, post officers will deliver you letter directly to BTS co-workers in Bighit ent.)


        How to track delivery status | Tracking page |

        Hermes tracking number

        After get your tracking number from your email, insert the number in red box.


        Hermes tracking number system

        Check your delivery status. It will take average 5 business days to be delivered. If there is any problem, do not hesitate to contact us! 

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